Our facility offers a large range of activities for users. 

Prices are available below.

If you are interested in memberships, please see our Memberships.

Casual Entry

AquaticsAdult Swim$7.40

Concession / Child Swim$5.90

Family Swim$20.30

Family Swim (Sunday)$15.80
Warm Water PoolAdult$9.50

Group FitnessAdult Class$15.50

Concession Class$12.40
Virtual Group FitnessCasual Entry$9.20
Pryme MoversGroup Fitness Class$9.20
CrecheFirst Child$3.60

Additional Child$1.90
Occasional CareFirst Child$5.30

Additional Child$3.70
StadiumCasual Court Entry$4.30
Baw Baw PoolsAdult Swim$5.60
Concession / Child Swim$3.50
Family Swim$15.20

Please note that for all concession or pension casual entries, a valid concession card must be presented at reception. If you are unsure if your concession card qualifies, please call either Warragul Leisure Centre on (03) 5623 4017 or Bellbird Park on (03) 5625 2501. Children aged below 5 years of age are free to access the aquatic facilities, however they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. As all Baw Baw Leisure Facilities are child safe and follow the industry Watch around Water Policy, all children under the age of 5 must be within arm's reach at all times. All children under the age of 10 must also be actively supervised at all times and cannot be left in the facility alone. For more information on Watch Around Water please click here.  If you are interested in coming regularly to the facility we would highly recommend a membership as your best option. For more information please click here.

Visit Passes

Aquatics LapAdult 20 Visits (Lap Pools only)$133.20

Concession 20 Visits (Lap Pools only)$106.20
Warm WaterAdult 20 Visits All Pools$85.50

Concession 10 Visits All Pools$68.40

Adult 20 Visits All Pools$171.00

Concession 20 Visits All Pools$136.80
Swim / Tri Clubs50 passes to Lap Pools for Swim / Tri Club$185.00

25 passes to Lap Pools for Swim / Tri Clubs$92.70
Masters Swim10 Visits to Masters Swim Program (squad level) with instructor$135.50
Group FitnessAdult 10 Visits$139.60

Concession 10 Visits$111.70
Pryme Movers10 Visits Specific Pryme Movers Group Fitness Classes Aqua / Land based indicated*$83.50
CrecheFirst Child 20 Visits$64.80

Additional Child 20 Visits$34.20

First Child 10 Visits$32.40

Additional Child 10 Visits$17.10
Occasional CareFirst Child 20 Visits$95.40

Additional Child 20 Visits$66.60

First Child 10 Visits$47.70

Additional Child 10 Visits$33.30